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Sme skupina 8 ludi - nie vsetci sa navzajom poznaju a radi privítame este jedneho pasaziera medzi nas.

V pripade, ze mas zaujem, tak mi napis na [email protected].

Vid Plan+Budget dole :

Plan + Budget :

1 day Thursday 13th of October : Leaving Bratislava at 4 pm and arrival to Bovec around 10 pm. We oversleep in Hostel Soca Rocks.
2 day Friday 14th of October : Zipline in a morning, afternoon we to Triglavs lake, oversleeping at mountaines hut (Zasavska koča na Prehodavcih ) in a middle of nowhere surronded by beautiful mountains :D
3 day Sathurday : In a morning leaving mountains hut and moving to Bohinj lake, afternoon - small walk around lake, waterfall Savica or canyon. Oversleeping close to the lake.
4 day Sunday : Moving to Terme Topolsica , we can make a stop in Lublana

Budget :
1. Zipline - 55 Eur
2. Accomodation - 22 Eur, 1 night is for free as we are staying at mountain hut plus we got some discount - actually accomodation is quite expensive in Slovenia, was quite hard to find something cheap
3. Transport - 15 Eur ( not fix amount , need to confirm this)
4. Wellness - 23 Eur ( the whole day ticket -> pools + sauna )

So all together - around 115.


What to take:
1. Food for the whole three days
2. Sleeping Bag - this is very important !!!!!
3. Warm clothes
4. Proper shoes and clothes for hiking
5. Swimsuit + towel -> spa

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